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Impact of divorce on children

On Behalf of | May 22, 2020 | Divorce, Family Law |

Being a child of divorce can have serious implications. For one, they might feel an overwhelming amount of stress as to their lack of knowledge or powerlessness as to what is happening to them. There are many questions that a child might have when his or her parents are facing a divorce and it important to know how divorce can affect the child and what can be done to help him or her during this time.


The child might be exposed to a lot of change and uncertainty and this might be reflected in his or her life. For example, the child might start acting out in unfamiliar ways and might develop some behavior problems or they might start to do poorly in school. Divorce can also increase the likelihood of the child developing mental health problems, such as an adjustment disorder that can be resolved within just a few months.

What to do:

To reduce the psychological and emotional impact that a divorce might have on a child, the parents must put their differences aside and work together to better help their child. It is important for them to reinforce that they will remain present in his or her life, regardless of the divorce. They should also stop fighting in front of their child and putting fault, guilt and resentment towards the other party. The couple must also tell the child that, despite what is happening, what they feel for him or her has not changed and that the child will always be their priority.

To maintain a good relationship with the child after the divorce, the parents must learn how to get along and co-parent peacefully and amicably and find ways to help the child cope with the divorce and seek to empower the child with a positive mindset and resilience.