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How do you know if a divorce is inevitable?

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2020 | Divorce |

You may have read articles saying half of all marriages end in divorce and assume that your relationship is doomed to fail because you are having issues. According to U.S. Census data, the divorce rate in 2019 was 7.6 per 1000 and the marriage rate 16.3 per 1000, which equates to a 47% failure rate.

Is your marriage about to be among those that end in divorce? How can you tell?

The warning signs that your marriage may be over

Some couples can recover from marital problems that seem impossible to overcome for others. So there is no guaranteed way of knowing your marriage is coming to an end. However, these may be useful indicators that divorce is on the cards:

  • Inability to talk: To resolve issues, you need to discuss them. If this has become impossible because everything ends in an argument, you have problems.
  • Constant criticism: When you always find fault with the other person, it may be a sign that your marriage has no future.
  • Avoidance: Spending time together and talking together is essential to any relationship. If you time your mornings to get out of the house before your spouse comes down for breakfast, it is not a good sign. Avoiding talking about difficult issues is also fatal to a relationship.
  • Your spouse’s habits annoy you: Everyone has their peculiarities. When things were good, you probably did not mind these habits. When they start to grate, it is not a good sign.
  • You no longer care: It takes effort and commitment to solve marital problems. Without this from both partners, there is little chance of saving your marriage.

If you decide that it is no longer a matter of if, but when you get divorced, seek legal help to understand how the divorce process works. The better prepared you are for what may come, the easier the process will be.