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Increased financial gender equality and the impact on divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2021 | Family Law |

There are many reasons for divorce and many cultural aspects to consider, from the outdated stigmas once held in relation to these divorce cases to the rise of legal changes and no-fault divorce, which have certainly made the process easier for the average American. One thing to consider is the impact of greater gender equality in the modern workforce, increased earning opportunities for women and how this may allow them the freedom to live life as they see fit.

Historical context

Historically speaking, marriage has often been a path to financial stability for women. When they faced widespread discrimination in the workforce and could not obtain their own earnings, they were essentially required to marry someone, and to stay in that marriage at all costs, in order to be financially stable. This meant that many women who were unhappy with their marital partners felt they had very little recourse and no options to speak of.

That has changed in the modern era. Researchers published in the American Sociological Review, via Harvard University, put it this way: “Have wives’ greater earnings power and work experience increased divorce by reducing the costs of exiting bad marriages?”

This is the freedom that women’s right to work has created. If a woman knows that she is more than capable of taking care of herself financially, she can then choose her marital partner based on who she wants to be with, not simply what opportunities and stability a person can provide. Therefore, she can also choose to exit that marriage if she so desires.

Getting divorced

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