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Should you delay your divorce?

On Behalf of | May 30, 2023 | Divorce |

You may have heard people saying they moved their divorce to after the holidays or when summer approached. So, does this mean there is a right time for a divorce? Should you consider other factors, despite having irreconcilable issues with your spouse?

Here are a few things to contemplate as you make this decision:

Is your marriage irretrievably broken?

There may not be a “good” time to get a divorce, but if you realize your marriage can’t be repaired, it may be the “right” time to initiate the process. 

The primary concern in this matter is certainty. You don’t want to tell your spouse you want a divorce and then change your mind because this can make it harder to overcome any problems you do have in the relationship. If you’re sure that your marriage is unsalvageable, it’s time to act. Dragging things out longer deprives both you and your spouse of the opportunity to move on and find happiness elsewhere.

Why do people postpone divorce?

A significant percentage of people who realize their marriage is irretrievably broken but stay together until a particular point are parents. Some parents will choose to divorce when summer is approaching because it may be easier to transition into the new life since the kids won’t be going to school – while others wait until school starts again before they initiate a divorce because they want the kids to be away from the drama as much as possible.

Is it ever a good idea to postpone a divorce?

Whether putting off divorce is right or wrong is a subject of debate. However, obtaining legal guidance about your options can often make the road forward much clearer – and easier to navigate.