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Having consistent rules in both homes

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2023 | Child Custody |

Children raised in two homes can be as disciplined as those in one. However, to achieve this, co-parents need to communicate effectively about discipline strategies. While it may be fine for children to experience different parenting styles, parents should maintain some consistent rules in both households.

Here are three of them


It’s healthy for kids to observe the same bedtime routine in both homes. Besides promoting better sleep habits, this can help them feel at home – sleeping early or late can bring up a sense of visiting a new place. In addition, it shows their parents are still unified, which is a crucial aspect of co-parenting. 

Screen time

Screen time is another rule that should be maintained in both homes. Enforcing screen limits is a struggle for some co-parents. However, it’s crucial to decide on screen time and observe it strictly. A uniform boundary omits the likelihood of your child seeing one of you as a “tough” parent” and the other a “fun” one.


It may be best for parents to agree on the discipline to employ when a child makes a mistake. You and your co-parent should be on the same page. For instance, cases that result in grounding in the other home should also apply to yours. And if a child is grounded during an exchange, the discipline should continue. Further, if you disagree with a punishment, discuss it with the other parent, not the kids.  

Consistency is crucial when raising children in two homes. But not everything needs to be similar – you can have a few minor rules in your home. Nonetheless, if your co-parent doesn’t cooperate, making raising the kids difficult, it may be best to get legal guidance to protect your parental rights.