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When Mediation Is The Best Option

Not every family law matter is best resolved in the courtroom. Many divorce agreements, custody arrangements, alimony payment decisions and prenuptial documents are negotiated rather than litigated. Mediation is especially helpful in family law because it is usually less aggressive and more expedient than litigation which is better for all parties involved, especially the children.

At the Law Offices of Meridith A. Gregory, LLC, we help mediate family law issues of all kinds, and have successfully used mediation in a wide range of other legal practice areas. Firm founder Meridith A. Gregory and attorney Kelly Maguire are both certified, trained mediators in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in accord with Rule 8 of the Uniform Rules on Dispute Resolution and the Guidelines for Neutrals. Both lawyers are also are members of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation, the oldest professional mediation organization in Massachusetts.

Advantages Of Using Mediation In Family Law Cases

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution used to avoid courtroom litigation. It is informal and always confidential, and it is an exceptional way to resolve legal matters of all types.

Some of the benefits of using mediation to reach agreements in divorce or other family law matters include:

  • You can create legally binding agreements with more flexibility than if the terms are decided by a judge.
  • Divorce cases that reach the litigation stage become public record; mediation preserves your privacy.
  • Mediation allows you to collaborate with your mediator and the other side to create unique, customized resolutions that work for all parties, which can provide a positive long-term impact.

Our firm’s attorneys can provide counsel supported by extensive experience if you have questions about whether mediation might be right for your circumstances.

Let Us Help You Find A Solution Through Mediation

Learn more about our mediation services during a free initial consultation. To set up an appointment, call our Massachusetts office at 978-655-4787, our New Hampshire office at 603-589-9629, or email us.

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