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Modifying And Enforcing Your Divorce Order

Receiving a divorce decree does not mean the orders contained within the decree can never be altered. At the Law Offices of Meridith A. Gregory, LLC, our representation of you lasts beyond the divorce process itself. We form long-term collaborative relationships with our family law clients, ensuring the agreements and arrangements codified in their divorce are being followed and are still adequate for their current circumstances.

We have litigated various complex divorces that have lasted for years, including those involving the modification and enforcement of prior orders. With locations in North Andover we share our time and expertise equally between Massachusetts and New Hampshire clients and are equally familiar with the legal systems in place in both jurisdictions.

Your Divorce Agreement Should Change With Your Living Situation

As time goes on, you may find that the terms of your divorce agreement are no longer relevant or workable and should be changed. If your ex-spouse gets a considerable raise, or if you become disabled and unable to work, one of our firm’s lawyers may petition the court to modify the terms of your child support or alimony order. If the other party is found to be abusing drugs, you could petition for a change in your custody agreement so you can properly look after your child’s safety.

No matter what the circumstance, we offer candid counsel to evaluate whether or not you may be entitled to a modification, and we will vigorously fight on your behalf until your agreement better reflects your current reality.

Ensuring The Other Party Follows Through On Their Promises

An attorney is invaluable not only to secure a favorable agreement, but also to hold the other party accountable for their end of the arrangement. If your ex-spouse refuses to comply with the terms of an agreement such as stopping payment of child support that they were ordered to provide by the court you can hold them in contempt and fight for the financial support you were previously awarded. We stand alongside our clients for the life of their divorce agreement, ensuring it is followed through every step of the way.

Align Your Divorce Orders With Your Current Needs

If you need a modification of a divorce order, or if the other party is failing to uphold their end of the agreement, contact our firm immediately to discuss your options. We offer free initial consultations call one of our offices at 978-655-4787 or 603-589-9629 today to schedule your appointment, or email the firm to get started.

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